Thank you to the Tenaquip Foundation

“Working together to help those in need,” begins the website for La fondation Tenaquip (The Tenaquip Foundation), before laying out its mission as follows:

It was the wish of Ken Reed, founder of Tenaquip Limited, that a foundation be created to assist registered charities in Canada and abroad to help meet their charitable objectives. Founded in November 2006, The Tenaquip Foundation provides relief primarily in the areas of homelessness, poverty, abuse, caregiving, medical research, children’s welfare, and humanitarian causes.

Since its operations began in 2006–2007 the Tenaquip Foundation has donated over $20,000,000 to Canadians in need and has also taken part in several international projects.

By working together, Shelter Movers Montréal Region and The Tenaquip Foundation truly are helping those in need in our community. A recent study out of Sherbrooke University determined that 22.5% of women in Montréal experience violence, and that inflation-driven increases to the cost of living make it more financially difficult to leave an abusive relationship. When children are involved, the situation grows even more dire and it becomes more critical to support survivors attempting to escape violence. Together, Shelter Movers Montréal Region and The Tenaquip Foundation will continue to help transition more families out of situations of abuse, with the ultimate goal of preventing violence, abuse, and the alarming number of annual femicides in Quebec.

Shelter Movers Montréal Region wishes to thank The Tenaquip Foundation for their ground-level support from the very beginning when our organization was first established in 2020. The early belief in our vision means that as a founding partner The Tenaquip Foundation helped to foster our growth to include a team of over 150 volunteers that have moved 245+ families fleeing gender-based violence. Funding by partners like The Tenaquip Foundation helps to account for the ever-increasing costs of moving, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic and now surging fuel prices.

Thank you to The Tenaquip Foundation for believing in Shelter Movers Montréal Region and our mission, and for making a positive impact in the lives of survivors!

Please visit The Tenaquip Foundation online to learn more.

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