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Show Your Community How Much You Care

Shelter Movers’ mission is to reinforce survivors’ intrinsic worth and the power they reclaim in their decision to leave an abusive home. Our story is the story of every survivor we serve. 

Partner with us and join our growing movement as we continue to provide real, positive change in the lives of women and children fleeing abuse in communities like yours across the nation.

 Make Your Business a Community Champion!

Shelter Movers invites your business to help support our vision for a country where fleeing intimate partner violence is barrier-free. Your contribution will generate visibility for your company, while serving to further strengthen Shelter Movers’ financial foundation. Most donations qualify for a charitable tax receipt.

Why Shelter Movers Exists

Breaking the cycle of violence has massive long-term societal benefits. Shelter Movers allows our community partners – such as shelters, police and hospitals – to focus on their main objectives. Each week, we mobilize numerous resources, staff and volunteers to provide free moving and storage services to survivors who are in need of a safe home. By offering these services, Shelter Movers is providing a simple solution to the complex problem of ending gender-based violence. 

Be Part of the Solution

Shelter Movers is entirely dependent on the generosity of individuals and businesses to fund our various operations, including volunteer training, vehicle and storage rentals and translation services. We offer our supporters the unique opportunity to align with our mission and vision. Shelter Movers works together with our partners to serve clients, by providing the only service of this kind in Canada. Our Corporate Partners are extremely appreciated and valued!

Give Today!

Financial Support

$200 is the internal cost to move a family to safety. $2,000 recruits and trains new volunteers per month. $20,000 supports a chapter’s operations in one city per month. The funding opportunities for corporate partners are endless!

In-Kind Donations

Shelter Movers manages a lot of moving pieces in order to make over 1000 moves a year possible – from security officers and storage facilities, to fuel and packing materials. Local businesses often have important resources readily available to support our work. Consider an in-kind donation as a way to facilitate a survivor’s journey to safety.

Your Time

Looking for a way to engage your employees and support the community? Why not immerse yourself and your team by joining Shelter Movers on one of our moves? It promises to be a truly life-changing experience!

For more information about partnership opportunities, please contact:
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