Shelter Movers Ottawa was the second chapter to open. Opened in October 2017, Ottawa has since grown exponentially! The Ottawa Chapter works with referral agencies across the city, and are regularly adding more as they expand their reach to within 100km of Ottawa. 

Join us for an immersive experience

This fall, our annual event is back! Join us for Moving Stories: An Immersive Experience on September 29th at 50 Sussex Drive in recognition of our 1000th move and to help us support the next 1000. 

Be part of an immersive soundscape experience sharing the story of Shelter Movers Ottawa through our volunteers, survivors, and partners. Enjoy live music, food & cocktails, and a silent auction.

 Many of Ottawa’s dedicated volunteers have been on board since the beginning and there are more and more every day. Ottawa has an amazing team and a great network and of corporate and community partners. 

Interested in working with Shelter Movers Ottawa? Reach out below!

To request a move please visit: Request A Move
For information on how to donate please visit: Donations

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In Other News...

Radio-CanadaLa saison froide inquiète des organismes communautaires
"Aidons avec des meubles travaillent main dans la main avec Shelter Movers Ottawa. Cet organisme accompagne les femmes victimes de violence conjugale et leurs enfants en offrant des services de déménagement. Il faut savoir que ces personnes quittent souvent leur domicile rapidement seulement avec quelques effets personnels."
CBC NewsCouncillor calling for state of emergency over homelessness
"Wendy Mitchell and her crew of volunteers help families escape mental, physical and financial abuse. But all too often, Mitchell says all they're really doing is delivering them from one precarious housing situation to another."
Ottawa MattersIsolation 'exactly where danger lies' for those in violent home situations: Shelter Movers Ottawa
"At a time when health and government officials are telling residents to stay home as much as possible to prevent COVID-19 spread, Shelter Movers Ottawa Director Wendy Mitchell says home can be exactly where danger lies for some."

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