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Established in September 2020, Shelter Movers Montreal Region is made up of a growing team of dedicated volunteers helping to ensure an immediate and lasting impact on survivors in the community. This location is the first in Quebec.

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We are currently seeking volunteers for the following:

  • Movers
  • Drivers
  • Scheduling Coordinators
  • Move Coordinators
  • Intake Coordinators


No open positions at this time. 

Survivors in Montreal need your support! Shelter Movers Montreal needs additional urgent financial support to meet a surge in demand and allow survivors to transition to a life free from violence. In the past six months the number of survivors asking for support has doubled.
In response to the rise in demand, the Choquette-Legault Foundation has generously offered to match all donations up to $75,000. Double your impact!

Get Involved

With the current femicide crisis claiming the lives of 26 women in Quebec during 2023, it’s time for the community to come together to create real, positive change for survivors of gender-based violence.

We are calling on you to give back.

You can partner with Shelter Movers Montreal to make a difference in the lives of women and children on their journey to safety.

One-time gifts offer immediate impact and support. Monthly contributions provide much needed financial stability. 

When you donate securities directly to our charity, capital gains tax is eliminated allowing you to donate more and make a greater impact. 

Join our incredible community of volunteers and start having an immediate, lasting impact on the lives of people living in your city. 

Partner with Us.

Thank you to our donors and financial partners: your contribution has a direct and positive impact on the survivors that we serve. 

Your gift lets survivors know that they are not alone.

If your business would be interested in sponsorship or in-kind donation opportunities, please reach out to:

When you partner with Shelter Movers, you bring your community one step closer to a future without gender-based violence. 

Join us.

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