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Partner Spotlight: Bluebird Self Storage

At Shelter Movers, we provide survivor-centred moving and storage services to people fleeing abuse. It’s incredibly important that our clients know that, while they go through a difficult and transitional time, their belongings are safe. 

Moving is a stressful time for anyone, and the additional barriers and fear that survivors face only compounds the worry. Often, survivors need to leave quickly, without anywhere permanent to go. Many pack only what they can carry, leaving their possessions behind. That’s where Shelter Movers and partners like Bluebird Self Storage come in.

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Bluebird Self Storage & Shelter Movers

Bluebird Self Storage is a community-driven company and is highly involved in the communities where it operates. We’re thankful to be able to align with Bluebird Self Storage in our Toronto, Montreal, and Halifax locations.

“The number of women facing gender-based violence surged during the pandemic and Shelter Movers was desperate to find storage for their clients in Toronto, Montreal and Halifax. Bluebird Self Storage learned of the great need for storage and immediately sprang into action. We worked with the leadership team at Shelter Movers to arrange for storage units in many of our facilities across Eastern Canada. Bluebird is growing rapidly and we have storage units we can provide to the clients of Shelter Movers at no cost. As Bluebird and Shelter Movers grow in other cities, we will be providing as much storage as they need. We are thrilled to be able to help. One thing we have is storage! It’s great to be able to partner with such a great organization and provide something that we have in abundance. We know other storage companies help Shelter Movers as well and we encourage our entire industry to get involved in this important mission.”

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Thank you, Bluebird Self Storage, for your support! With your help, we continue to have the storage space available to serve our clients, allowing them to store their belongings safely while they find their new home. Like your slogan says, “It’s not just your stuff–it’s your life,” and for our clients, it’s more than that. It allows survivors to leave abusive homes with their possessions, able to start fresh, with dignity and respect.

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