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Survivors In Your Community Need Supports

There are very few supports like Shelter Movers available to survivors in cities where Shelter Movers does not operate. This national gap can be remedied by establishing Shelter Movers in communities beyond those currently served by the organization.
As a survivor-focused, trauma-informed organization, the starting point for all that Shelter Movers says and does is based on the needs and experiences of our clients and their families

When considering expansion, foundational questions should include:

Would Shelter Movers be welcome?

Have survivors or support agencies expressed an interest in Shelter Movers?

Have survivors or support agencies asked for our service?

Would Shelter Movers be needed?

‚ÄčAre survivors already adequately served by a similar service?

Do survivors feel they already can flee abuse safely and easily?

Would Shelter Movers be helpful?

How does our service need to be modified to suit the needs of a new community?

If you think Shelter Movers would be a good fit in your community, please get in touch with our Expansion Specialist at:
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