When you donate to Shelter Movers, you bring your community one step closer to a future without gender-based violence.

Your donation helps survivors get a fresh start at a new life.
It's through your support that Shelter Movers is able to train volunteers to facilitate life-changing work. Your donation means children can fall asleep knowing they are in a safe home.
Here are some ways you can make a difference:

$35 provides volunteers/clients with a PPE KIT (hand sanitizer, disinfectant wipes, gloves and masks)

$50 supplies volunteers with a RESOURCE PACK of moving supplies (garbage bags, packing tape, first aid, tools and boxes)

$75 supports STORAGE costs for one (1) family to keep their personal belongings 

$150 donates the cost of a MOVING TRUCK RENTAL (including insurance and gas) 

$175 funds a FOOD DELIVERY to a shelter 

$250 sponsors an ENTIRE MOVE for a woman and her children fleeing abuse

$20/month guarantees MOVING one (1) family per year to safety 

$25/month sponsors one (1) MOVE to safety a year INCLUDING one (1) $50 RESOURCE PACK of moving supplies (garbage bags, packing tape, first aid, tools and boxes) 

By making a donation of publicly listed securities recognized through the stock exchange, you have the potential to increase your annual tax return while supporting Shelter Movers. You would also receive a charitable tax receipt for your donation.

If you are interested in making a donation for stocks and securities, please visit our donate securities page.

More questions?

As a national, volunteer-powered charitable organization, Shelter Movers relies on the generosity of our allies to fight gender-based violence. Allies like you! We offer the only service of this kind in Canada, providing free moving and storage services to survivors of abuse. 
With your support, we can make an even greater impact in communities across the county. Donors like you are the heart and soul of our organization.   
At an internal cost of $250 per move, you have the power to give the gift of freedom and support individuals and families as they transition to a life free from violence.

How Your Gift Helps

With the support of our generous donors, Shelters Movers is able to move more families to safety. Your donation helps to support:

  • Vehicle rentals and gas

  • Secure storage

  • Packing materials

  • Volunteer training and staffing

  • Security personnel

  • Language interpreters

  • Coordination of pet fostering

  • Personal protective equipment (PPE)

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