Welcome Alexandra, our new Volunteer Services Manager

Meet Alexandra

Since getting involved with Shelter Movers Nova Scotia in May 2020, Alexandra Doane has gained a myriad of professional skills and amazing experiences through supporting her community. Her commitment and drive to get things done right has earned her the position of Volunteer Services Manager, a fantastic development from joining the organization as a volunteer just 1.5 years ago.

Alexandra has an impressive amount of previous volunteer experience, being involved in Queen’s for Parkinson Kingston and Children’s Wish Queen’s, as well as assisting at nursing homes. She enjoys staying busy and is used to balancing school, sports, and volunteer work ever since attending High School in Brookside, just outside of Halifax.
Presently, Alexandra is on the varsity soccer team at Dalhousie University while beginning her combined degree, studying Law and Health Administration. When asked how she manages her studies, sports, and work at Shelter Movers, Alexandra stated that soccer is something that has always been a part of her life and is normal to her. She says: “I know that whenever I have free time, I need to be getting something done.”

This type of drive is what inspired Alexandra to volunteer with Shelter Movers in the first place. Once she had the capacity and availability to help her community, she found that Shelter Movers was a unique experience as it gave her the opportunity to gain administrative, problem solving, and communication skills. Alexandra knew at the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, the issue of gender-based violence was exacerbated due to lockdowns and she wanted to help in any way possible. However, she had never anticipated how great the demand was for Shelter Movers services in Nova Scotia.

Alexandra and friends at Blue Nose 2020

It has been so inspiring to see how dedicated Shelter Movers volunteers are to helping their community. Shelter Movers has informed the way I think about women’s rights and I have become very aware of the fact that you just never know what is going on in others’ lives.

Shelter Movers has a role for everyone who is looking to volunteer, and there are opportunities that will fit any schedule or set of interests. Alexandra started in Volunteer Services, a department that handles all activities surrounding the initial contact and recruitment of new volunteers. They conduct interviews, request police record checks, and they provide trauma-informed care orientations to help volunteers become acquainted with the organization. Fun things like celebrating birthdays and organizing events, like the holiday party, fall under the responsibilities of Volunteer Services, as well.

Alexandra’s favorite project has been the annual Blue Nose Marathon fundraiser, which has been extremely successful despite being remote in 2020. These events gave her the opportunity to meet people from Shelter Movers Nova Scotia as well as other chapters. This project helped Alexandra become familiar with the different functions of the organization.

Kimber Dunphy, our former Volunteer Services Manager, made the transition into her new job as seamless as possible. Kimber trained Alexandra from the beginning and was extremely attentive. Kimber said that “Alexandra recognized what she wanted to do within the organization and I gave her the opportunity to try tasks early on.” This strategy makes perfect sense as Kimber has stated that Alexandra immediately stood out as a leader since joining the organization. By the time Alexandra stepped into the role of Volunteer Services Manager, she felt very welcome and had so much experience with the Volunteer Services teams. Alexandra’s day-to-day duties include: meeting with the department managers, overseeing engagement projects, and facilitating orientation coordination.

Alexandra has shown tremendous commitment to Shelter Movers’ cause and even continued to volunteer in Nova Scotia despite living in Ontario as she completed her undergraduate degree at Queen’s University. As Kimber Dunphy moved into her new role as National Director for Volunteer Services, Alexandra was the obvious choice to assume the Volunteer Services Manager position in Nova Scotia. Kimber said, “I know wholeheartedly that Alexandra will do a great job. She is very detail-oriented and thoughtful in her communications, she is level-headed, and she does an impeccable job of balancing student life and the management role. I know that recruitment and retention of volunteers is Alexandra’s top priority which makes me hopeful for the growth of the chapter.”

Email VolunteerNS@ShelterMovers.com to learn more about volunteering at Shelter Movers Nova Scotia. There is an opportunity for everyone to have a rewarding experience as a volunteer that will be compatible with any lifestyle.

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