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Volunteer Spotlight: Jess

Meet Jess, a volunteer with Shelter Movers Southwestern Ontario!

Jess started volunteering with Shelter Movers because she was passionate about making a difference in her community.

Altruism has always been very important to me. I am particularly invested in gender based issues, and Shelter Movers offers me the opportunity to help others, and see the direct impact we have on individuals’ lives.

Jess initially started volunteering with Shelter Movers as an Intake Coordinator, as it allowed her the freedom to volunteer while still working in her day to day life. From there, she became more invested in the organization and took on a role as a Volunteer Data Analyst. This led her to her current role as the National Supervisor of Business Intelligence!

When asked about her experience volunteering with Shelter Movers, she says it’s been invaluable. “It has allowed me to make a tangible impact in my community through my experience on intake. As the first line of communication with our partners and clients I see first hand the people we help. In addition to that, through my work in Business Intelligence, I am able to contribute in a meaningful way that allows our organization to grow and scale, and ultimately help more families nationwide.”

There is never a ‘good’ time to start [volunteering]. We are all busy, and I feel like a lot of people wait until the ‘right time’, because they feel like they can’t contribute enough. No matter how little time you have, the smallest contributions can still have a big impact. And you never know what new opportunities you might be introduced to.

Aside from volunteering, Jess likes to powerlift, spend time with her dogs, and is currently trying to learn a third language. Fun fact about Jess – she has her glider’s license and a Prud’homme Beer Certification!

Thank you, Jess, for your incredible dedication to improving your community!

Interested in joining Jess and the SMSWO team? Check out our page for more information.

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