Why you should volunteer at Shelter Movers

As a volunteer-powered organization, we’re always thinking about why somebody might want to give us their time.

Our volunteers directly support survivors and their children while addressing the problem of violence against women in Canada. That is just one of the reasons why volunteering at Shelter Movers is unique, and our volunteers often report the experience as being different than other volunteer gigs.

Whether they’re moving clients, coordinating people or developing websites, they can experience the same types of benefits from volunteering.

Our volunteers are on the move, in more ways than one! We have four chapters, each with significant service areas. Our movers get to see the cities they live in from a different perspective. “I work in the city and I don’t have a car. So sometimes I can feel like I’m in a bit of a bubble,” says Mark, Lead Mover, Shelter Movers Toronto. “It’s nice to get around to see the city a bit more, and it’s a good workout.”

Our volunteers meet new people from all walks of life. Although people come to Shelter Movers for the same reasons, they can come from wildly different backgrounds. From university students to financial analysts, you never know just who you’ll meet at Shelter Movers. In fact, we’ve even had volunteers meet their future spouses here!

Our volunteers make an immediate and lasting difference that our clients won’t soon forget. “You’re not making a difference in just one day. You’re making a difference in someone’s entire life,” explains Jessica, Move Coordinator, Shelter Movers Toronto. “By being that extra hand to support them, you’re letting them know that they’re not alone and that they can reach out for help.”

Ready to volunteer with Shelter Movers? Visit https://sheltermovers.com/volunteer/. We look forward to meeting you.

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