Volunteer Spotlight: Shaneel Kumar

Since June of 2020, Shaneel has been volunteering with Shelter Movers as a mover, signing up for shifts to help out whenever he has free time. When asked why he began volunteering with Shelter Movers, Shaneel explained that he wanted to be able to better understand the experiences of survivors of interpersonal abuse. “As a male, it can be harder to put yourself in the position of a survivor and to be able to relate to what they’re going through,” he says, “so when a friend told me about this organization, I thought that it would be a good fit for me.” 

Shaneel finished his Bachelor of Arts degree in Criminology in 2020, during which he became interested in policing. He has his sights set on a career in policing, and feels that volunteering with Shelter Movers will be a beneficial experience for his future career.

You get to see the other side of things, but either way, it is always good to help someone, regardless of the career you find yourself in.

As for moves, it is oftentimes the ones with kids involved that prove to be the most memorable. “On a recent move I was on, there was a little kid there, and the mom was juggling multiple things, telling us what was going and where to put everything, and just to see her say thank you after,” Shaneel says. “It feels so good to know that you were part of helping someone leave a bad situation.”

As far as advice for future volunteers, Shaneel encourages anyone interested to apply. “Aside from being a great organization and all the work that goes into it, it’s totally flexible for students or people who have work. You don’t have to commit to a set amount of hours or shifts, so it’s great that way. And you feel great afterward knowing that you’ve helped someone.”

To find out more about volunteering opportunities at Shelter Movers, visit our Volunteer Page.

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