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Partner Spotlight: Maritime Professional Movers Inc.

What started out as one man working in the long distance moving industry and organizing labour for drivers nationwide, has become a full service moving business. Whether you are moving locally in the Halifax area, or within the Maritimes, Maritime Professional Movers will help make sure your move with them is affordable and stress-free. 

Supporting our Clients

Maritime Professional Movers has been a partner of ours since the Nova Scotia chapter launched in the Summer of 2019. The values shared by Ryan, President of Maritime Professional Movers, and his team made the decision of partnering with the company very easy. As a charitable organization, Shelter Movers provides moving and storage services at no cost to people who are fleeing from abuse. Similar to Maritime Professional Movers, we believe in removing the financial and logistical barriers our clients face when fleeing their abuser. 

Moving is complicated and stressful at the best of times, but even more so when you are needing to leave an abusive situation quickly. As a company, we were always interested in doing charitable moves for those most in need. When we heard that Shelter Movers was opening a local branch in Halifax, we knew that it was the perfect opportunity. It's a rare thing to be able to use your skilled professional abilities to give back to your community and that is exactly what we are able to do here.

Being a volunteer-powered organization that serves the Halifax Regional Municipality, the South Shore, and the Annapolis Valley can pose some challenges, specifically when it comes to larger moves and moves that are outside our service area. Another challenge is the lack of affordable housing in Nova Scotia due to the housing crisis. When leaving their abuser, individuals can oftentimes be forced to look for housing and accommodation outside of their community. Thanks to Maritime Professional Movers, we are able to help our clients relocate to areas outside of Shelter Movers’ normal service area if needed. Even during the strictest of COVID-19 lockdowns, Maritime Professional Movers was able to move one of the clients to a different province, where she was able to receive comfort and care from her family.

Having completed Shelter Movers’ trauma-informed training, Ryan’s team at Maritime Professional Movers is prepared to help survivors of abuse with their moving needs. When we work with them, their professionalism and skill level takes our service to the next level.


While we enjoy being directly involved in helping to move someone on to new beginnings in a safe environment personally, we can't do it all ourselves, and certainly don't! Shelter Movers has amassed a great many individual volunteers from the community who want to help make a difference for the very same reason we do. However, this type of work can be very tough to jump into. It has been our privilege to be able to offer Mover/Driver training sessions to help our fellow volunteers conduct these moves in an efficient and safe manner with tips and tricks aimed at ensuring a successful day.

Supporting our Volunteers

Mover and Driver Training is an event that’s open to all volunteers at Shelter Movers Nova Scotia. Four times per year, staff from Maritime Professional Movers volunteer their time to teach volunteers how professional movers handle tricky situations. The training includes skills like picking up heavy items without injuring yourself, turning tight corners with large items, and many more. Each training session is customized to address questions or concerns that volunteers provide in advance. Thanks to the supportive and skilled team at Maritime Professional Movers, our volunteers can walk away from the training session feeling prepared to handle whatever obstacles they may face on moving day. 

Learning from the professionals makes you a stronger volunteer.

The Mover and Driver training day is divided into two sections. First, the team at Maritime Professional Movers teaches volunteers tips and tricks for moving. Afterwards, volunteers are encouraged to stay for the Driver training session. Driver training is where those interested in becoming a volunteer truck driver for Shelter Movers Nova Scotia are given a safe environment to learn or practice maneuvering a 16 foot long cube truck.

If you are a volunteer with Shelter Movers Nova Scotia and want to improve your moving and driving skills, you can sign up for one or more of the following training sessions that are being hosted by Maritime Professional Movers. Upcoming training dates include June 12, August 28, November 27, 2022, and February 26, 2023. 

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