Text: Impact the lives of survivors in Ottawa

Impact the lives of survivors in Ottawa

“They look like a happy couple, and she’s so successful so she can’t possibly be abused at home, right?” Many people associate domestic violence with vulnerable individuals. The society suggests that only those considered weak can be broken or hurt.  However, abuse can happen to anyone regardless of their background or how successful they look. Intimate-partner violence is a a serious issue and a growing concern in Canada.

While abuse can affect anyone, intersectionality plays an important role in the experiences of those fleeing abuse. Certain groups will face more barriers when trying to leave and abusive relationship. People of colour, those in the 2SLGBTQ+ community, and those with disabilities will all face additional barriers when trying to flee abuse.
Abuse comes in many forms. While many picture an outdated image of a ‘battered woman’, and physical abuse is often the most discussed, other forms of abuse can be just as harmful and can often be the red flags that lead to physical abuse.

Learn more about the different types of abuse:

How Shelter Movers Ottawa Helps

At Shelter Movers Ottawa, our capacity has grown at a staggering rate. Now averaging over 20 moves a month, our volunteers are out moving a family to safety nearly every day.
Beyond moving survivors and storing their belongings, Shelter Movers Ottawa advocates for the needs of survivors and our community as a whole. This includes advocating for affordable housing, educating the public about gender-based violence, and calling out harmful media and rhetoric.
During the pandemic, the need for our services increased quickly. We’re hoping to extend our reach even further, by expanding our services to more rural areas, where there are fewer social services available.

“We have lots of conversation, talking with our referral partners and figuring out how we can help”.

Read the full article in the Ottawa Business Journal

How you can help

Our hard costs of each move is approximately $200. This ensures we have our truck rental, gas, and covers some storage space. As a volunteer powered organization, we rely on our donors to help cover these costs. By becoming a monthly donor, you can ensure a family in your community can move to safety each and every month.
Check out our profile in the Ottawa Business Journal Giving Guide to learn more about our organization, how to give, and how we’re funded.
Hear us on An Hour to Give on City News Ottawa on December 11th and 12th. We also host regular fundraisers! Be sure to follow us on social media to stay in the loop:

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