Behind the Happy Face: What Survivors Don’t Show

We’re All Responsible For Combating Gender Violence

Gender-Based Violence can happen to anyone, but women face barriers when they attempt to leave an abusive situation. Survivors can live with abuse for many years, masking their fear behind happy, unwavering smiles. That’s why we are all responsible for calling out misogyny and supporting survivors by providing help and resources. Call it out with our family, with our friends, and online.

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Call it Out: Gender-Based Violence Online

There are many women who live with abuse every day. Building a culture that identifies and calls out misogyny can support women who are struggling with the decision to leave. That means combating online harassment too — where women are disproportionately affected. Let’s work together to create a supportive environment in Ottawa, and across Canada.

Calling Out Online Harassment

Women who suffer from online harassment suffer the same anxiety that victims of domestic abuse do. Typically, they:

  • Are less able to focus on everyday tasks
  • Experience panic attacks, anxiety or stress
  • Feel apprehensive about using the internet or social media
  • Feel apprehensive when they receive emails or social media notifications

Source: Amnesty International

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What is technological violence against women?

Technological safety tips for women experiencing abuse

Why Call it Out?

Anyone can be affected by gender-based violence, and online abuse creates additional barriers to leaving. Favourable media treatment of abusers, gaslighting and compounded shame can make finding a way out even more difficult for survivors. Seeing people they know write or support hateful content  affirms survivors’ worries that few people believe or support them. In contrast, calling out these issues and demanding better prove there are people who believe survivors and stand with them.

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Use the #CallitOut hashtags to quote and highlight misogyny online, and support the hidden survivors in your life.

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