Survivor Voices: Teresa

*Teresa is a pseudonym to protect the identity of the survivor.

Teresa is at a place in her journey where chatting through email feels most comfortable. She wants to help other women know they have options, that they’re not alone.  

“It’s hard to leave…fear of the unknown, lack of finances, or the stories we tell ourselves.

But I love him.
He’s not always this way.
How can I survive on my own?

In the end, no matter what your abuser tells you, he will not change. The abuse will get worse and we deserve better.”

The people at Shelter Movers were great. They were there to help me move my belongings to my new, safe home. They were very supportive and kind. My stress levels are so much lower. I am no longer on eggshells all the time and I am able to sleep better.

Woman holding young daughter

The stories I tell myself are slowly changing.

I don’t need him. 
He’s not going to change.
I will survive on my own.

Thank you so much for all of the support I received from Shelter Movers.”

Your support helps survivors flee abuse, but your impact goes much deeper. 

You change their story.

Please consider a gift to help the women putting on a brave face for their children, the women struggling in silence, the women needing our help to leave. Any donation, big or small, has a life-changing impact.

The Impact of Giving

Your donation, big or small, makes a huge difference to survivors in our community. 




Truck rental


An entire move

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