Donor Spotlight- Gary Mitton

Donor Spotlight: Gary Mitton

Shelter Movers Greater Moncton is extremely grateful to Gary Mitton for his financial donation. People like Gary allow Shelter Movers to expand across Canada and open new chapters/locations thereby allowing us to positively impact even more women and children.

Take a read to learn more about Gary, his ties to Moncton, and why he strongly believes individuals should financially support organizations that align with their values.


Tell us about yourself. Where did you grow up, what is your profession, and what are you passionate about?

My ties to the Moncton area are vast. I was born in Moncton (1950) and we moved to Lewisville (now part of Moncton) when I was six years old. I went to the University of New Brunswick, Fredericton in 1969, graduating in 1974 with a degree in Civil Engineering. CN Rail hired me in 1974. With CN, I moved nine times, working in four different provinces and held some thirteen positions in the field and administrative positions at CN Headquarters. I retired in 2020.

After I retired at 50, I needed something to do with my time. I donated to and I was familiar with an organization that worked with single mothers and their children. I asked if I could help out in another way and they suggested that I volunteer with the group. Over the years, I volunteered with three different organizations working with mothers and children (I was called the baby whisperer because of my ability to calm upset babies), a school and in the operating room of a hospital.


How did you first hear about Shelter Movers, and what about our organization stands out?

I read about Shelter Movers in March 2022 in the Montreal Gazette, a local newspaper. The mission and goals of Shelter Movers conforms to my values. Additionally, I am particularly interested in agencies that support single mothers and their children. I donate to several charities annually, one half of which deal with women’s and children’s issues.

We are appreciative of your ongoing financial support of our Montreal chapter. What made you also decide to support Shelter Movers’ newest chapter – Moncton?

I feel strongly about supporting women and children’s issues. So, when I learned about the organization via a local Montreal newspaper, I started supporting them. When I heard that there was a chapter being created in Moncton, my home town, I felt it necessary to support this effort as well. I actually support charities in all of the towns/cities where I lived over the years.

What would you like to say to anyone reading this who is considering making a donation to or getting involved with Shelter Movers?

There’s a lot of really amazing organizations out there, including Shelter Movers. Find the one that shares the same values as you and, if you are in a position to, donate your time and/or money. 

— —

When you donate to Shelter Movers, you bring your community one step closer to a future without gender-based violence. Your donation helps survivors get a fresh start at a new life.

Feeling compelled to donate? Head over to Shelter Movers’ website.

Thank you so much for your support.

We are excited to officially open our newest location, Greater Moncton, shortly.

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