Volunteer Profile: Stephanie’s Story

The ability to help women fleeing violence made Stephanie Ling want to get involved with Shelter Movers Vancouver.

Starting with Shelter Movers Vancouver at its inception in 2018, she was involved in the early planning stages before moves were even being conducted. Once operations began, she worked as a Move Coordinator, a role she enjoyed as it allowed her to play an active part in the moving process and serve clients directly. Today, Stephanie is the Operations Manager overseeing the intake, scheduling, and move coordination teams.

When asked what motivates her to work with Shelter Movers Vancouver, she says it’s the need to help women experiencing gender-based violence, especially at a time when people are staying home much more. “With this pandemic, it’s really highlighted the fact that home isn’t always a safe place for a lot of people.” As long as violence against women continues to an issue in our community, Stephanie wants to continue to be a part of an organization that’s working to end it.

When Stephanie isn’t volunteering or working, she likes to spend her free time outdoors; as hiking and traveling are important to her. She also likes to try activities that keep her hands busy such as pottery.

She always makes the effort to be kind. “I try to listen more than I speak, and to learn more before I impart my beliefs on other people.” This commitment to kindness is reflected back when she receives heartfelt thank yous from the clients she’s worked with. “Every move is rewarding in its own way,” she says, “and at the end of the day when everything is said and done and they turn to our team and say thank you from the bottom of their hearts, that kind of thanks is all I need.”

Her advice to anyone interested in volunteering with Shelter Movers Vancouver? “Totally do it!” she says. “We always need more volunteers!”

If you’re interested in volunteering with Shelter Movers, be sure to visit our volunteer page for available opportunities.

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