Volunteer Profile: Jade’s Story

The prevalence of gender-based violence is what surprised Jade Vallentyne the most when she began volunteering with the Vancouver chapter of Shelter Movers. Jade is one of our rockstar movers and has been helping British Columbians leave abuse since October 2019. She says through educational resources provided by Shelter Movers and the frequency of moves, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic, she has become much more aware of how violence against women continues to affect people in her community. Moving clients’ precious belongings to a new home and helping women take a step towards a new chapter in life is what motivates Jade to keep volunteering.

Jade’s commitment and hard work are what sets her apart from others. She recently completed our advanced mover training and has the potential to become a lead mover, a leadership role that involves directing moves, monitoring move schedules, and being the main point of contact for clients.

One of Jade’s favourite things about volunteering is the opportunity to meet different people and spending time with clients and volunteers. Not only does she love to socialize, but she also cares for the environment, too. During the COVID-19 crisis, she used her sewing skills to make reusable facial coverings for volunteers to reduce waste caused by single-use masks. So far, Jade has completed approximately 25 masks with the incredible goal of producing more than 80. When she’s not sewing and conducting moves, Jade enjoys many hobbies such as running, listening to music, and reading.

If anyone is thinking about volunteering at Shelter Movers, Jade says, “Please join us!” She wants people to know the team organizes everything for movers, which makes moves a smooth process for everyone. When asked for three words to best describe her experience at Shelter Movers, she says, “rewarding hard work.” The manual labour is tough, but it’s completely worth it. On Jade’s last big move, she was a little tired after lifting boxes and furniture but felt happy to have contributed to her community and helping someone in their time of need. Jade says the people at Shelter Movers are friendly and welcoming, and the experience of volunteering has been “the most rewarding.”

Are you interested in volunteering with Shelter Movers Vancouver? Join our incredible community of volunteers and start having an immediate, lasting impact on the lives of people living in your city. We’re always looking for new team members, so visit our volunteer page to see available opportunities.

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