Statement Regarding COVID 19

Shelter Movers continues to serve survivors in all chapters, including Greater Toronto, Ottawa, Vancouver, Nova Scotia, Montreal, and Waterloo.

For a detailed list of all of our procedural changes please see our updated COVID 19 operating procedures here:

Shelter Movers is currently providing all types of moves:

Urgent Exit – The client is safely transported to shelter or other safe space. Urgent Exit moves remove clients from a potentially dangerous living situation, that may have been exacerbated because of social distancing methods. 

Escorted Moves – Volunteers escort a client to households with security accompaniment to retrieve personal effects. 

Resettlement – Volunteers transport a client and their belongings to the client’s new home. Resettlement moves can help clients avoid crowded shelters and self-isolate. Additionally, by moving clients out of a shelter, we are freeing up beds to help more survivors fleeing abuse. 

Additionally, Shelter Movers has made updates to operating procedures to ensure the health and safety of both our clients and volunteers at this time. 

Procedures include: 

All volunteers and staff must provide proof of full vaccination status in the form of a government-issued vaccine record or passport (i.e. government-issued vaccination records) on the day of a move or before any other in-person interaction (National office, in-person meetings, events, etc.)

– Additional screening for all volunteers and clients prior to a move to ensure that they haven’t been abroad recently, aren’t in regular contact with someone with a compromised immune system, have not been in contact with anyone exhibiting symptoms in the past 14 days, etc.

– Ensuring moves do not involve more than 5 people

– Providing hand sanitizer, sanitizing wipes, masks and disposable gloves


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