Sophie Grégoire Trudeau Partners with Shelter Movers to Help End Gender-Based Violence

December 2020 Update: Sophie Grégoire Trudeau continues to partner with Shelter Movers. Watch a powerful story of a survivor and past Shelter Movers client as we reflect on the 16 Days Of Activism. In this conversation, gender-equality ambassador, Sophie Gregoire Trudeau, along with domestic abuse survivor and past Shelter Movers Client, Ajoa Ayeko, and Yael Shwartz, Shelter Movers Director of Operations, come together and discuss the realities of domestic abuse, the role of Shelter Movers when it comes to leaving, and the steps we can take to help bring awareness and education to the issue. 

November 1, 2018 – Ottawa, Canada

On November 1st, 2018, volunteers at Shelter Movers Ottawa were joined by Sophie Grégoire Trudeau to support a survivor of abuse. Having previously fled to Nelson House to escape violence, the client and her children eventually reached a point where they felt able to move on to their new home. Moving can be complicated and costly. Too often, survivors face the prospect of losing everything they own when leaving an abusive relationship. Fortunately, the staff at Nelson House referred the client to access our free moving service.

Upon arrival, Sophie and our dedicated volunteers rolled up their sleeves and went to work, safely and efficiently loading and transporting our client and her belongings. Despite being Sophie’s first move, she jumped right in, grabbing boxes and a dolly, serving our client with compassion and kindness.

Empowerment was the theme of the day as volunteers worked under the direction of our client. Sophie toured Nelson House and met with residents and staff before joining Shelter Movers to unload our client’s items in her new home.

As boxes piled up and the move came to an end, Sophie and the client shared a private moment, for which the client was very thankful. This was an important day in her journey to a life free of violence. We are honoured to have been joined by Sophie and privileged to work alongside her as we assist a survivor along her critical journey. We can all play a role in ending gender-based violence.

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