Shelter Movers Hosts SoupShare to Celebrate Expansion into Lanark County

Crucial Support Services for Survivors of Gender-Based Violence Now Available in Lanark County

Ottawa, Ontario – Shelter Movers, a national, volunteer-powered charity that provides free moving and storage to people experiencing abuse, have just expanded their services to Lanark County. Join Shelter Movers for SoupShare at the Carleton Place Canoe Club on November 17 from 12-2:30PM where you can enjoy a free soup lunch, vote for the best bowl in Lanark County, and learn about our impact in your community.

The recent inquest into a triple-femicide in Renfrew County resulted in numerous recommendations, including those that highlight the increased need for survivor support services that understand the unique rural context. Shelter Movers is proud to announce Lanark County Interval House, an organization which has been addressing this need in Lanark County since 1979, as our first referral agency in the region. Together we aim to further enhance resources and support services available to people making the courageous decision to start a life free from violence. We encourage you to join us to learn how you could be a part of the solution; come say hello on November 17th and learn about the numerous ways you can help create lasting, positive change in your community.


 “This is a basic, fundamental right. People need to be able to move on and people need to be supported to move on… I hope that everybody will step up and help sustain Shelter Movers as we move forward.”

Erin Lee, Executive Director for Lanark County Interval House, on partnership with Shelter Movers Ottawa

“When we end up at the client’s new home, their children come out of the car, and they come running, cheering, and super excited about what’s to come: That’s something I’ll remember for the rest of my life.”

Mathieu Berlinquette, Lead Mover for Shelter Movers Ottawa, on his experiences volunteering for Shelter Movers Ottawa

Quick Facts

  • The rate of family violence is 2x higher in rural vs urban areas. (Source: Statistics Canada)
  • In the rural communities around Ottawa, the reported rate of VAW is two times higher than the national average (1,114 per 100,000). (Source: The Discourse).
  • There are several factors, including lack of services, which increase the risk of intimate partner violence by 75% for rural women. (Source: VAW Learning Network)

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About Shelter Movers:

Shelter Movers is a national, volunteer-powered charitable organization that provides moving and storage services at no cost to survivors of abuse. We collaborate with local businesses and community agencies to support families transitioning to a life free of violence. Currently operating in 6 cities across Canada, our 1860+ volunteers move an average of 117 families each month. 

For more information, please contact or visit our website.

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