Shelter Movers Toronto Volunteer Spotlight: Lorna Buchanan

Volunteer Spotlight: Lorna Buchanan

When Lorna Buchanan was looking for a way to give back during the pandemic, she decided to do some research. After visiting the city of Toronto’s website, she came away with a couple options. She discovered Shelter Movers last April, and the rest is history. Since then, she has been a volunteer on over 30 moves as a lead mover and driver.

What do you do at Shelter Movers?

I am a Lead Mover at the Shelter Movers Toronto chapter. I’m responsible for understanding the instructions and making sure the rest of the team solves problems along the way. Things are late, and so you solve those problems and bring the team together. 

What drives you to continue volunteering with us?

I love the volunteers I meet, they are a dedicated group, and a high energy group of people. I love the exercise, and meeting the clients. The clients take the first step, and it’s pretty easy for me to come and help out for the second step. 

Favourite moment?

I like the moves where we solve problems, like there is too much furniture for the truck. I like working with the Ottawa team, where we do moves between chapters. I like getting into the organizational aspect. It is very interesting to me how roles it takes to actually make a move happen. 

Why do you think volunteers are attracted to the organization?

The caliber of volunteers are very hardworking, have big hearts, and are extremely energetic. Everyone works well as a team. 

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