Volunteer Spotlight: Chai & Jade

Volunteer Spotlight: Chai and Jade

Thank you to Chai and Jade, a couple that volunteers their time to support survivors of domestic violence in Nova Scotia!

Chai and Jade were introduced to each other while in university and they learned that they had a lot of common interests – volunteer work being one of them. They volunteered for multiple organizations that supported animals, underprivileged youth, and humanitarian aid.

Having moved to Nova Scotia from the Philippines, they started volunteering for Shelter Movers in their free time. They both decided to get involved with the organization because they believed that the mission was relevant and unique.

Many of us know somebody who has experienced some sort of gender-based violence, which is a common motivator to get involved with Shelter Movers. While some roles such as moving and driving are physically demanding, there is a suitable position for everyone.

Chai and Jade have an excellent understanding of the work that we do and why it is so important. Part of the reason why is because they have held a variety of positions within the organization over the last year, ranging from bookkeeping to data analytics, as well as coordinating, scheduling and conducting moves. Shelter Movers is a volunteer-powered organization that provides a wide range of opportunities for individuals who are interested in getting involved. It’s simple to join a new function or start a new role if it interests you or if your time commitment needs to change. Jade oversaw the Nova Scotia Chapter’s finances for a period of time before stepping away to resume a role with the move coordination team. She was working on completing her CPA license and needed a team environment where she could ask for help with completing her volunteer work if her schedule became too much to handle at the given time.

“There’s a sense of fulfillment for me as a person - we are helping and making a difference. I feel that when I speak with clients, they are very thankful to have our support.”

One of Chai’s favourite parts of volunteering with her partner Jade is that they provide support to one another by talking things through when situations get hard. They are curious about others who volunteer for Shelter Movers as they believe having a group of people who care about the same thing helps to strengthen organizations and bring more awareness to the cause. They encourage other couples, partners, and families to get involved because it is a value forming endeavour that they can participate in together.

“Volunteering together has become a common ground for us.”

We feel very fortunate for Chai and Jade as they have dedicated so much time to supporting our mission. They come up with new ways to spread awareness about Shelter Movers and always show up to volunteer with a smile on their faces.

Thank you Chai and Jade, for your commitment and dedication to supporting survivors of domestic violence in Nova Scotia!

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