Partner Spotlight: GardaWorld

GardaWorld serves over 14 regions in British Columbia, and they support multiple non-profit organizations. They provide elite security services to protect businesses and employees. What we find so appealing about them is that they prove time and time again that they also care deeply about investing in and supporting the communities they work with.

GardaWorld & Shelter Movers

The partnership began with supporting moves once every few weeks, but this quickly became a more regular occurrence. GardaWorld has now been involved with Shelter Movers from coast to coast for many years, and has been working closely with Shelter Movers Vancouver since early 2019.

We are happy to assist with a move! We want to get involved”, says Robert Johnston, GardaWorld’s Pacific Regional Operations Manager. Johnston noted that, “the professionalism of Shelter Movers makes this partnership a smooth and enjoyable experience.” He lauded the well-trained volunteers at Shelter Movers Vancouver, saying GardaWorld officers can feel confident that the team will be prepared in case anything goes side-ways. 

GardaWorld’s Contribution

For Shelter Movers, GardaWorld is an invaluable resource. During moves, volunteer movers must work quickly and efficiently, while also remaining alert for any potential problems. The presence of GardaWorld’s security team significantly reduces this pressure for our volunteers. Our volunteers are able to focus entirely on the task at hand, knowing GardaWorld is on the lookout. This additional security and safety in turn provides clients with peace of mind during the move, alleviating one of the many stressful aspects of moving out of an abusive situation. 

GardaWorld’s excellent communication, professionalism, and eagerness to help make them fantastic partners that we are incredibly grateful to have. Without GardaWorld’s contribution, most moves classified as medium or high risk may have to be declined, leaving those most vulnerable in need. 

“As a Lead Mover, I can say without reservation that having the GardaWorld security officers present during our moves offers a far stronger sense of protection on our more urgent moves, and movers look forward to working with them each week.”

Outside of their support on moves, GardaWorld has been an important advocate for our cause. They are proud to share their collaboration with Shelter Movers, and often speak about their role in assisting survivors looking for a fresh start during presentations and seminars. It’s a “fantastic program”, Johnston says, including that “any amount of help is impactful, and other organizations should get involved.”

Are you interested in partnering with Shelter Movers Vancouver? Join our wonderful group of partners and start having an impact on survivors of gender-based violence. We are always happy to welcome new partners, please contact if interested.

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