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Partner Spotlight: Advantage Box Company

Advantage Box Company Ltd. is no stranger to contributing to the community. The Advantage Box team supports a variety of causes that promote social justice, especially Shelter Movers’ mission to end the cycle of violence against women and children. Based in Richmond, BC, Advantage Box Company is a leading producer and distributor of boxes, supplies, and equipment for moving, self-storage, and restoration for companies across western Canada.

Our Partnership

When Richard Schwartz, President of Advantage Box Company, first heard about Shelter Movers Vancouver in May 2020, he knew he had to reach out and lend Advantage Box’s services to help in any way he could. Our partnership proved to be a perfect match: our mission is to provide moving and storage services at no cost to families fleeing abuse, and Advantage Box had the packing supplies to make this goal possible. 

Deeper than on a practical level, Advantage Box found that it could put its core principles of innovation, customers first, honesty, and ambition to action through this collaboration. 

“I think Shelter Movers is so innovative, it’s a very unique way to give back.”

Richard Schwartz

Supported by Advantage Box’s generous in-kind donations, our team at Shelter Movers has the tools to provide our unique services, prioritizing our client’s safety and confidentiality. Without Advantage Box, we would not be able to meet the ever-increasing demand as we help more and more families move out of unsafe homes.

Advantage Box’s work with Shelter Movers highlights the importance of raising awareness about violence against women. Richard notes that just last year, “I had no idea that there was such a need for an organization like Shelter Movers.”

That’s why on top of providing us with their packing and moving products, Advantage Box has taken the extra step of advocating for us to the supplier committee of The Canadian Association of Movers (CAM) to see how the organization could get involved. “When I started thinking about it, I thought there was an opportunity to do more there together,” Richard says. 

A “Sense of Responsibility”

On why Advantage Box works to give back to the community, Richard sees it as paying it forward. 

“We’ve been very fortunate to have the resources to be able to help. The fact that we have to have these services in the first place — I just feel this sense of responsibility to help the people who need it, especially women and children. The thought of a woman being in this kind of position, where you need someone to help you leave a situation like this — I was very moved by this. I try to find these opportunities where people need help.”

It is clear that the Advantage Box team is passionate about breaking the cycle of violence and supporting women and children leaving abusive homes when they need it the most. “The reason for any organization to exist is to serve someone,” says Richard.

To anyone considering partnering up with Shelter Movers, Richard believes the choice to collaborate with Shelter Movers was clear to make. 

“Everyone has a woman in their life. If you found out your mother, or a friend’s mother, or a loved one’s mother was in this situation, what would you do? One only has to ask this question to know that this cause is easy to get behind — that there’s an obligation to get behind it.”

We are deeply grateful for Advantage Box Company Ltd.’s contributions and passion for our cause. It is thanks to these amazing partnerships that we are able to empower and support women and their families as they start a new chapter in their lives.

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