Bringing Shelter Movers To Your Community

Bringing Shelter Movers to Your Community

Shelter Movers Greater Toronto has experienced much growth since 2016. Starting in downtown Toronto, we now have official extensions in York and Peel regions. This allows us to dedicate resources to those specific communities, increasing our capacity to serve more survivors.

We were able to do this through leaders in these communities introducing us to others. While we have been operating in these regions, we are always looking for new champions to spread our mission within their networks. By introducing Shelter Movers to your community, you are helping in three ways:

  1. Awareness: Shelter Movers is still a relatively new service that many do not know about. By spreading the word that there are people who can help move and store your belongings may reach someone who is considering leaving an abusive home, but is worried they will not be able to afford it. The more folks know about the help that is available, the better!


  2. Volunteers: We are always looking for folks from diverse backgrounds to bring their superpowers to help us support survivors. By teaching your friends about Shelter Movers, you are helping us find the people who can make our service even better!


  3. Fundraising: Some of our biggest donors came to us through the advocacy of volunteers! You never know, a friend of a friend may work for a big business that is looking to support a charity. Word of mouth is a powerful tool that helps us expand our services.

We were lucky enough to find such champions in Brampton recently. Puneet Aujla of BCVC and Ikbir Khangura of Khangura & Bajaj LLP reached out to Shelter Movers to offer to organize an event to introduce us to a whole new group of stakeholders in the region that we had not worked with previously. Joined by Tanveer Grewal of Ambient Events and Ruby Dhillon of Pink Attitude, they combined their varied skills, resources and networks to create an event that will help us increase our reach in Peel Region.

If you are interested in creating an event to introduce Shelter Movers to your community, contact your local chapter director.

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