Partner Spotlight: Impact Ottawa Real Estate

Corinne Campbell and DiAnne Masson-Yensen decided to team up while they were at Royal LePage. While they, they were lead contributors to the Royal LePage Shelter Foundation, an organization which helps fund women’s shelters and violence prevention programs. Corinne and DiAnne, however, wanted to do more. They regularly had clients who were moving and had furniture and other possessions they could donate to women leaving shelters into a new space. When they started to get more involved, they realized that transportation was a big issue – so they arranged a truck and the moving – but was surprised to find a lack of structure and assistance for those leaving shelter life. 

Corinne & DiAnne continued to push forward with their mission to help their community. They later left Royal LePage and rebranded with a focus on wanting to have a greater impact on their local community. To help people find the right space, while also committing to helping women (or men) find a safe home. Impact Ottawa Real Estate Team comes to life. They loved meeting people within their community, eventually, they met Wendy, the current Chapter Director of Shelter Movers Ottawa. 

After learning more about our organization, Corinne and DiAnne joined us on some moves. They appreciated that it was well structured, and well organized with training and logistics all in place. After experiencing the difficulties in trying to help at shelters directly, Corinne and DiAnne knew this was a great fit for the help they were trying to provide. They were particularly touched by being able to directly help survivors, with one survivor saying to DiAnne while on a move, “If I’d known you were there, I would’ve left sooner.” 

Now, Impact Ottawa Real Estate Team is an ongoing partner of Shelter Movers Ottawa. As real estate agents, they regularly work with people in our community when finding a home. Now, they can further their impact by ensuring others that if and when home is no longer a safe space to be, there are resources available to help them.

With every listing and purchase they assist with as real estate agents, they donate a portion of their commissions. Their financial support allows us to continue our work and brings further awareness to our organization, allowing us to continue to work together and have an even bigger impact on our community. 

Learn more about Impact Ottawa Real Estate on their website. If you’re interested in making an impact in your community, check out our volunteer opportunities.

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