Partner Spotlight: JOLCAR Security

Ben Joly and Michele Carter Joly have been an important part of the Shelter Movers Nova Scotia team since the chapter opened in July 2019.

Ben and Michele own and operate JOLCAR Security Services Inc. and provide security services on moves in Nova Scotia. The couple was introduced to Shelter Movers by a close friend and client whose sister works with Shelter Movers in Toronto. 

“We take our role very seriously,” Ben says about JOLCAR’s work with Shelter Movers Nova Scotia.

“We are there to provide safety and security to the team, the client, and community. When the call for service comes in we evaluate the information provided. From there, we decide on the level of security required and any logistical planning that may be required such as safe zones or exit routes.”

JOLAR’s Extensive Experience in Security

Ben and Michele have extensive experience in security, life safety, and law enforcement. The couple met in college where they were both attending a police training program. The couple, who have three sons, Joshua, Jacob, and Jayden, moved to Nova Scotia from Ontario in 2015. Two years after moving to the province, they started JOLCAR Security Services Inc.

“We knew that the industry needed a better solution and with emphasis on community and customer service,” Ben says. The name JOLCAR is a combination of Ben and Michele’s last names, Joly and Carter, and also a tribute to their fathers, the late David Carter, who was a police officer with Toronto Police Service, and Daniel Joly, an entrepreneur, a third-generation butcher, and master at his craft.

Providing Security is About Skill, Comfort, and Compassion

JOLCAR provides security for community, corporate, and industrial clients.Their clients include: property managers, apartment buildings, long-term care facilities, event venues, arenas, and several sports teams.

Ben says volunteering with Shelter Movers Nova Scotia is not a requirement for staff at JOLCAR. Currently, only a few of his staff are selected to help the Shelter Movers Nova Scotia team.

“We like to keep it to a small group so that they have an opportunity to work and get to know the volunteers,” Ben says. “We ensure that the guard who is assigned to a move is the right fit and 100 per cent capable of dealing with any situation that may arise during a move.”

Ben says to work in security, and to provide security for Shelter Movers Nova Scotia, staff should have training in law enforcement, security, or the military. But there are other skills important in this role, too, including empathy, compassion, and leadership. Ben says guards who go on moves with the Shelter Movers teams need to recognize how they interact with others, including the client. The job can change while on a move:

“I was once on a move and due to my height, size and appearance I quickly noted that the client was scared,” Ben says. “She even mentioned that I looked like a mean guy. I changed my stance and spoke to her in a calm and soft manner and told her what my role was and that I didn't mean to scare her. I noted that right away she felt better and the move went on without any issues. Later the next day, a card from her arrived, thanking us for our service and making her feel secure during the move.”

Brooklyn Pinheiro, operations manager for Shelter Movers Nova Scotia, has worked with Ben and his security team on moves since day 1. Brooklyn says Ben is a pleasure to work with and he and his team go above and beyond in their dedication to Shelter Movers.

We are beyond grateful to have JOLCAR support us because they are just the best at what they do,” Brooklyn says. “The values that they hold are what sets them apart. They take care of their staff, they take care of their clients, and they take care of us. Security is such an important component of what our services mean to our clients and I’m so grateful to Ben for joining our cause and ensuring that all of our clients and volunteers are safe during this process.”

Ben, Michele, and the staff at JOLCAR give back to their community in other ways, too, through charity events, providing donations, including security services. Ben says it’s important for the JOLCAR team to be part of the community and give back. He says working with Shelter Movers Nova Scotia is a learning experience, too.

“We learned that gender-based violence affects a lot of people from all walks of life and that help is out there and needed,” Ben says.

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