Volunteer Profile: Jessica’s Story

Update: Since this profile was originally published, Shelter Movers held a Virtual Volunteer Appreciation Party during National Volunteer Week 2020 to thank, acknowledge and celebrate the transformative work that Shelter Movers’ volunteers do. During the event, five outstanding volunteers were recognized and received awards.

Jessica checks in with Shelter Movers on a daily basis; when she’s on her break, when she’s on her lunch and even after work. Her role at Shelter Movers is to oversee and mentor new coordinators who join the organization. Since finding Shelter Movers on Charity Village, and subsequently joining, she’s really made herself at home.

“I work with a great team. They have been my mentors since the beginning. We communicate almost every single day. It’s a part of my day, every day,” says Jessica. “The amount of dedication and commitment I see here, it makes me appreciate every single person that has been involved with Shelter Movers and how much impact they have had on our clients.”

Jessica works with the public in her day job as well, but it wasn’t until she went to her volunteer orientation that she discovered  more about gender-based violence in Canada. “I was alarmed to learn about the amount of people who are affected by gender-based violence. It’s hard to believe that a problem like gender-based violence still exists to this degree in 2020.”

Jessica also learned that there is a way to make a difference. “To know that we can help by providing this service free of charge, it’s amazing. There is nothing like it.” 

And to all those who are thinking of volunteering with Shelter Movers, Jessica says “If you have the time to volunteer and your lifestyle allows it, why not give back? When people call us, we get to say that all they need to do is be there, and we’ll help. It’s very rewarding.”

Interested in volunteering with Shelter Movers? Visit https://sheltermovers.com/volunteer/. We look forward to meeting you.

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