5 Myths about Abuse

In recent years, public conversations about intimate-partner violence and  gender-based  violence have become more commonplace, but misinformation about abuse persists. Recent media focus on violent crimes against women, such as the murders of Gabby Petito or Sara Everard, have drawn attention to some of the most pervasive misconceptions about abuse. Here are 5 myths about …

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Intimate Partner Violence in 2SLGbTQ relationships

Intimate Partner Violence in 2SLGBTQ+ Relationships

TW/Disclaimer: This article contains descriptions of domestic violence  June is Pride Month in Canada, an opportunity to highlight issues specifically pertaining to people in the 2SLGBTQ+ communities. In this article, we examine how stereotypes surrounding domestic and sexual violence shape how society approaches and understands intimate partner violence in 2SLGBTQ+ relationships. What is Intimate Partner …

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What is Psychological Abuse?

Often when we talk about abuse occurring within relationships, we describe physical violence inflicted on a partner. However, gender-based violence takes many forms, some of which can be harder to recognize. Psychological abuse can cause long-lasting trauma that is just as severe as the trauma associated with physical abuse. Psychological abuse, however, can be harder …

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