Partner Spotlight: StorageMart

Imagine having to rush home and pack you and your children into what amounts to 2 garbage bags worth of stuff. What would you leave behind? What would you sacrifice in order to start a new life free from violence?

Survivors entering the shelter system are generally limited to the amount of personal effects they can bring with them due to a lack of storage. Needing to leave behind personal possessions in order to escape abuse is often a barrier preventing survivors from fleeing violence.

Shelter Movers’ mission is to eliminate the barriers that can make leaving abuse an impossible choice. We never want a survivor to have to decide between her safety and the decision to leave her personal possessions behind. Beyond the material value, these belongings are instrumental to a survivor’s ability to start a new life.


Storage Solutions for Survivors in Need

Shelter Movers is proud to announce our new partnership with StorageMart! Together we’re working to provide storage solutions for survivors in need. StorageMart is a company dedicated to giving back to communities across North America, having bundled their charitable initiatives under one umbrella called Store it Forward. This partnership allows Shelter Movers to have the necessary storage readily available so we may continue to serve survivors, while keeping their personal belongings intact.

StorageMart has generously donated a number of storage units across our chapters, effectively lifting the burden and expense of securing additional storage. They’ve provided Shelter Movers with safe, convenient and clean storage spaces where we’re able to keep our clients’ valued possessions.

About StorageMart

StorageMart is a Canadian founded company with international locations. They strive to improve the lives of their customers, while partnering with local non-profits that are working to ensure families are being supported. StorageMart has become an asset in the neighborhoods where their facilities are located.

StorageMart continues to give back to the various communities they call home. With the development of Store it Forward, they have solidified their charitable giving and upheld their promise to the community to invest in a brighter future. Their charitable contributions include pledging a donation for every review left online, offering discounted or free storage spaces to grassroot organizations and sponsoring events geared towards making a difference.

StorageMart vows to provide excellent self-storage experience to every customer. Their commitment to accessibility, immaculate cleanliness and customer satisfaction surpasses all of Shelter Movers’ needs, from our staff, volunteers and clients. We are excited for the future, as we kickoff this partnership!

StorageMart and Shelter Movers

Shelter Movers’ founder, Marc Hull-Jacquin, had the opportunity to sit down with Cris Burnam, CEO of StorageMart, to discuss how StorageMart’s model is being integrated within local communities and the impact of their charitable outreach. Cris explained why it’s important for StorageMart to fight against gender-based violence. 

When people have to leave everything behind to escape [an abusive] situation, it’s particularly devastating. It’s hard enough emotionally, however, to also leave all of your possessions behind in order to escape is particularly tragic. That’s why I think Shelter Movers and StorageMart can work well together and we’re excited to be helping out all across Canada.

Shelter Movers recognizes StorageMart as a compassionate leader in the corporate world and a prime example of how a corporation can establish a philanthropic partnership with a grassroots charity. Their dedication to supporting families is creating a ripple effect of positive change and reinforcing the success and vision of their company.

Without the support of partners like StorageMart, Shelter Movers would not have the storage resources readily available to serve all of our clients. Shelter Movers believes our partnership has the power to change the lives of countless survivors, who will continue to be served with dignity and respect. 

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