Shelter Movers Vancouver is a volunteer-powered organization, providing free moving and storage services to individuals and families fleeing abuse. Established in 2018, we collaborate with community agencies and local businesses to support people, primarily women and children, as they transition to a life free of violence.

Making Moves: A Meaningful Impact

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Community Need

In Vancouver, and throughout Canada, the most dangerous place for women and children is in their own home. Abuse and violence depend on isolation and control and abusers are more likely to escalate control (up to and including femicide) when a survivor announces their intention to leave.

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Hope for Survivors

Survivors face the prospect of losing everything when they decide to leave. Moving is expensive, complicated, and most critically, it is often dangerous. We make all of the arrangements to safely move and store survivors’ belongings, on their terms. They have found the courage to leave and we have the hands to help.

News and Stories

Coercive Control & How It Affects Kids

What Is Coercive Control? Isolation. Control. Threats. Humiliation. Abusers use a number of psychological and emotional tactics – not always recognized as forms of violence – to keep their partners in a state of fear. These behaviours are known as coercive control because abusers use this fear to gain power over their partner actively. Coercive

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Partner Spotlight: Pockit Self Storage

We’re passionate about establishing ourselves as a leader within the communities we serve by giving back. Marcus Lowe, Co-founder and President of Pockit Self Storage Whether due to space constraints, a lack of time to prepare, or simply being overwhelmed, Shelter Movers clients can be forced to leave belongings behind, further complicating an already stressful

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Survivor Voices: Teresa

*Teresa is a pseudonym to protect the identity of the survivor. Teresa is at a place in her journey where chatting through email feels most comfortable. She wants to help other women know they have options, that they’re not alone.   “It’s hard to leave…fear of the unknown, lack of finances, or the stories we tell

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Vancouver Community Partners

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